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Once upon a lifetime ago, I used to spend my Saturday afternoons playing rugby.  According to an old saying, rugby is a game designed for thugs and played by gentlemen (unlike soccer, which is a game designed for gentlemen and played by thugs!).  Well, in my experience, the ratio of gentlemen to thugs is no higher in rugby than in any other team sport.  And the opponent who, mistaking my 20-year-old scrum-capped head for the ball, attempted to kick me into the next county was certainly not what I'd call a gentleman.  The resulting concussion put paid to my playing career, but though the kick behind my ear may have dented my skull, it didn't dent my enthusiasm for this greatest of team games.

Around the time I gave up playing rugby, I developed an interest in the works of the great English comic writer, P G Wodehouse — I don't think it was a result of the concussion, but who knows!  Those were the days when even a penniless student could afford to buy Penguin paperbacks without having made a prior arrangement with his bank manager, and I soon devoured most of the available volumes (but never without first reading them).

Well, a good few years have passed, I'm no longer a penniless student, just a near-penniless pensioner.  But though, in the intervening years, I've lost a lot of hair and gained a lot of weight, I've retained my passion for rugby union and Wodehouse.

And that's what this site is all about.  Whether you've already come across Wodehouse and want to learn a bit more, or have never heard of him but are interested in finding out a bit about him, you'll find here a selection of pages offering information about him and his writings.

On the other hand, if rugby is what interests you, I invite you to visit my rugby blog, where I occasionally pontificate on aspects of the game that interest me.

If neither of these interests you, but you're truly, stupefyingly bored and have nothing better to do, why not visit one of my other blogs?  You can find them here and, for the politically-minded, here.  If nothing else, by the time you've finished there, you'll find yourself actually looking forward to the next repeat of the 597th series of "Survivor"!

If you have any comments, criticisms (preferably constructive!) or suggestions on how I can improve this site, please sign my guestbook.